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Texas Trails Eagle Scout Alumni Dinner

Jack Rentz shares his Scouting Experience

August 5, 2015 

Scouting Community, 

Please join me in supporting the efforts of Pat Leatherwood, John Vann and Dr. Jerry Strader in the organization of a National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) chapter for the Texas Trails Council. All Eagle Scouts, Scouting Alumni, Friends, and community leaders are encouraged to join and participate.

Texas Trails NESA is not asking for your money -- just your participation. We all have a wide variety of skills. I believe that when we join forces, then from time to time our skills can be put to good use to influence the life, career choices, and future of many young men.

I was not in Scouting as a youth. It was not offered where I grew up, but I was fortunate to have a mentor; a corporate attorney that owned a lot of land near where I lived. I worked for him all through high school, and he always gave me words of encouragement that supplemented what my parents had to say about life. I still have a relationship with him and often think of where I might have been had he not been in my life during my high school days. Looking back on it, he was much like what a good Scoutmaster represents.

With your participation in Texas Trails NESA, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life that otherwise would not happen.

Please join me to learn more about Texas Trails NESA on the evening of October 6th at the ACU Hunter Welcome Center at 6:00pm. Register Online

Jack Rentz
President, Texas Trails Council, BSA
CEO, Rentech Boilers

Texas Trails Council has formed a National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Chapter.

This is an exciting opportunity for Eagle Scouts to Reconnect and Reengage. This group will have opportunities to

  • Network
  • Help with local Scouting programs
  • Guide and mentor young Scouts and Eagles

Help us celebrate with our inaugural Eagle Scout Alumni Dinner. Register

  • Tuesday, Oct 6th - 5:30 to 8:00 | ACU Hunter Welcome Center
  • Network with fellow Eagle Scouts
  • Share Scouting memories
  • Learn about current Scouting programs
  • Guest Speakers
    • Ryan Larson - Assoc. Director, NESA and Scouting Alumni, Boy Scouts of America
    • Todd Plotner, Vice President, National NESA Committee

This is not a fundraising event.

Register today!

Register by 9/15 and save $8

Thank you for your support.

Pat Leatherwood
Chairman, Texas Trails NESA


John Vann
Chairman, Texas Trails NESA


We need your help to find Eagle Scouts residing in the Texas Trails Council area. Please forward this email to them. Thank you.

Eagle Scout Dinner
Tues, Oct 6 @ 5:30pm
ACU Hunter Center

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