Beginning in 2018, several rolling uniform transitions will begin taking place within Cub Scouts. To streamline the uniform process for parents, the rank insignia, neckerchief, hat, and Handbook/Leader Guide will begin to color coordinate for each rank.

We expect these transitions to begin late fall based on current projections.

Check out the following Family Program for Unit Leadership video that covers some of these changes and more.

Family Program for Unit Leadership V3 from Peter Simon on Vimeo.


Change Summary


  • YELLOW-GOLD handbook cover coordinates with YELLOW-GOLD Leader Guide handbook cover.
  • Official uniform for Lion starting in Fall 2018 (Lion t-shirt, Lion hat, and uniform belt). Blue CS uniform bottoms and uniform shirt are optional. 
  • Rank insignia will become a rectangular/strip shape and will be worn under the diamond rank insignia (Bobcat/Tiger/Wolf/Bear) in place of the Arrow of Light strip (read more about the AOL strip below). 
    • Lion may also choose to sew their rank emblem onto their Lion t-shirt over their heart (upper left chest). 
  • Lion Neckerchief and slide are earned halfway through program year after completing Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure and is considered an earned award – much like Adventure Loops. They are NOT restricted items
    • Lion neckerchief and neckerchief slide available July 2018
  • Lion will begin earning Adventure Loops in 2018 to be worn on their uniform belt.
    • Adventure Loops available July 2018
  • Customers who wish to purchase Adventure Loops for Adventures they have already earned, or are earning now, may do so when these Adventure Loops become available.



  • ORANGE handbook cover coordinates with ORANGE Tiger Den Leader Guide handbook cover.
  • Neckerchief updated to say, “Cub Scouts” in place of “Tiger”. Rolling change – current style will sell through before new style is introduced.
  • RED handbook cover coordinates with RED Wolf Den Leader Guide handbook cover.
  • Neckerchief updated to RED. Rolling change – yellow neckerchiefs will sell through before new style is introduced.
  • Hat updated to RED front panel. Rolling change – yellow neckerchiefs will sell through before new style is introduced.
  • Both yellow and red neckerchiefs and hats are acceptable uniform and dens may have Scouts in both colors.




  • LIGHT BLUE handbook cover coordinates with LIGHT BLUE Bear Den Leader Guide handbook cover.
  • Rank Insignia background updated to LIGHT BLUE. Rolling change – current Bear rank emblems will sell through before new style is introduced.
  • FOREST GREEN handbook cover coordinates with FOREST GREEN WEBELOS DEN Leader Guide handbook cover.
  • Fall 2018
    • All new 4th and 5th grade Webelos will transition to the tan/olive Boy Scout Uniform – Webelos will no longer wear the blue uniform.
    • Diamond Webelos rank insignia will phase out and Webelos will use the OVAL rank insignia going forward.
    • Arrow of Light strip will no longer be worn on the Blue CS Uniform – it will only be worn on the tan uniform shirt.
  • Important Note: Wolf neckerchief and hat (RED), Tiger Neckerchief, and the Bear rank emblem (LIGHT BLUE) will NOT begin shipping to stores or distributors until current uniform inventory depletes. Yellow neckerchiefs and hats will continue to be considered valid Wolf uniform.

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